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BOT model benefits and it's future in 2023

These days, more and more businesses want to keep up with modern technology, and for this, they have to develop at a supersonic pace. To thrive on growing modern progress, they are trying to implement new technologies and digitize.

This applies to all internal business processes, but especially to the delivery of services. From big enterprises to small companies, every business wants to be competitive in the modern market and that is why they use the opportunity of outsourcing to expand their teams, cut expenses and reach a new level of efficiency.

It is safe to say that the demand for services is growing faster than ever, and as a result, different service delivery models have been created. One of the most popular and innovative models is BOT. BOT stands for build-operate-transfer and it is a business interaction model that is centered on building Research and Development centers (R&D) abroad. In order to implement this model, you have to find a trusted BOT provider who will be 100% in charge of creating a center that will operate in its location.

Every process, from legal aspects to recruitment is covered by the provider. Once the work is done, the R&D office transfers to the customer's premises. The BOT model involves three phases and we are going to talk about them right now.

In the first stage, the provider deeply analyses the client’s business needs and tech requirements. It is crucial to understand the core of the company to follow its culture and values. Then, the provider takes care of the location, hires talents, and makes sure that all the necessary equipment is available to work with.

The next step is the operate stage and its goal is to achieve safe and consistent operations as well as normalize all internal procedures and improve the goals achieving processes. At this stage, the company must become more flexible and adapt to the changes that happen in the market.

The last phase is a legal transfer of the mature and resistant operational center to the client. It moves to a client fully or partly, including all the IP, team, knowledge, and assets.

Speaking about the advantages of the BOT model, we can list several. First of all, it helps to reduce expenses. The reasonable price for the services as it is affordable to small companies as well as to multinational organizations. The business can save up to 60% of the money because the money you pay to tech talents from North America is significantly higher than the rate providers from Eastern Europe will ask for.

The next crucial benefit is risk minimization. The BOT provider is an expert who is involved in every detail of the process. They know how to face the challenges of the local market and are prepared to overcome any obstacle without your help.

Also, thanks to the BOT model, the company becomes more flexible due to the outsourced talents. The staff that is hired by the provider is skilled to work on the tasks and they are trained to switch between the projects.

The next benefit is an opportunity to hire professionals worldwide. Your company won’t struggle with the employee shortage as you will have an access to an enormously wide talent pool. For startups and clients that are willing to try scaling on alternative talent markets, it is a gem.

And the last but not the least important benefit is a fast release of a product. The team that is created within a BOT model is fully dedicated to the work process and it will help to achieve the results that you are aiming for in a relatively short period of time. Both sides are interested in scoring a goal and that is why the maximum effort is put into getting fast and successful results.

The BOT model is an appealing model for companies and organizations that are aiming to keep control of the process. Today, it became a reliable alternative to other outsourcing models and in the future, the BOT will only get more popular. The model is all about remaining flexible in scalability and ensuring that IP, knowledge, and teams are successfully transferred and implemented to a client’s company. Also, it is important to find a reliable BOT provider who has the same business in order to build trust and easily share methodologies and approaches.

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