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How to become a member of R!-team

Just think about it – we spend around 90,000 hours during our lifetime at work! Isn’t it incredible? The thing is, some people hate their jobs and it's so sad to realize how much time they are wasting. However, if you are one who doesn’t like to waste your time and is a great IT specialist, you might be interested to know how to become a member of the R! -team!

Hello, we are Ragnarök Group!

In case you still haven’t heard about us, we are a fast-growing outstaffing company, created for developing custom software solutions for various businesses around the world in such industries as Healthcare, eCommerce, Aviation, Security, Finance, Banking, and lots more. We know, people always wonder what exactly our name means and most of them immediately recall Scandinavian mythology. Indeed, it is, but also each letter of our name has a special meaning, and it reflects the value of our team.

We are always looking for innovative talents to join our R!-team and you can become a part of it if:

Professional and personal relationships are an important value in your life (Relationship);

Transparency on both sides is important to you


You need dynamics in your life and you have a burning desire to move and improve yourself


You know what real support and reliability are


and you're an agile and cool (Knack) tech geek.

If you answered "yes" to each statement, you are already halfway to becoming part of our team, and trust us, we could easily get !fun out of working together.

So, are you ready to know which STEPS to take TO BECOME an R!-team member? We bet you are!

So, the first thing you need to do is to prepare a quality CV (read in our next article how to do it) and send it to us.

Once this is done, you will join an online call with our R!ecruiter. The interview is a very important step for us because it gives both (you and our company) to know each other better! We want our values to match because this is how a strong team of like-minded people can be created. We want to make sure we have the same mindset and that our team will be a sort of dream team for you so you are comfortable moving forward with us. Basically, we are looking for a long-term partner who shares our values and ambitions.

The next thing is a technical test task. Of course, it is not mandatory for all projects but if it is needed for some, it won’t take you much time to complete it. Anyway, we expect you to be ready to have a test task so you can show us your skills.

The next step is a technical interview with one of our customers. It might be the last step but if needed (or if you want), we may organize a call with R!-HR Director or R!-CEO. We just want you to know that we are always open to communication.

If every step was completed successfully, all you have to do is accept our Job offeR! Here's what we pay attention to when deciding whether to invite a candidate to our team:

  • Our perfect team member knows how to receive help and support others.

  • This person is an active listener, is involved in the process of solving issues, and knows English at a level not lower than intermediate because we work with customers from all around the world.

  • In addition, we expect soft skills and high emotional intelligence from the candidate which is as important for us as hard skills. In short, be ready to be open and proactive, cooperate, and be involved even while interviewing process. This will definitely earn you extra points.

Now, it is time to tell you what WE OFFER YOU

Once you become our partner, as a private entrepreneur you will have all the support from our accountant with paying taxes and reporting. With flexible working hours, you can choose the way you want to work: remotely or from one of our offices. Speaking of a schedule, we offer 20 working days of paid vacation and additional 3 Days Off. If you feel unwell don’t worry about work, we get you covered with paid sick leaves.

We care a lot about our talents, so we know when you have a birthday and can expect a nice gift from the company - an additional paid day off! Also, public holidays are important to us and we know you want to spend this time with your family, so you won’t work these days but in wartime, we follow government guidelines. Plus, you will attend conferences and training according to internal policy. Our management is transparent, we are a warm and supportive team that doesn’t tolerate any bureaucracy! We have a strong eco-friendly position and we don’t use paper and sign all documents only with an electronic signature.

If it all sounds like something that attracts you, it is time to start with the first step and prepare your CV to send to us!

We do R!ght things! Join our R!-team and let’s rock with RagnarÖK together!

We can’t wait to meet you!

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