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Why Privacy Policy is important

Every time we check on a certain website and accept all the cookies, we share our personal information that is collected and used by different companies. We don’t even think of it but we do it all the time. For example, when we buy something online, we share our credit card numbers, address, date of birth, and many other things. This means that private information fuels much of the internet. From online streaming platforms to dating apps and even to that guy from Canada who just purchased a $2,000 tutorial on how to become a millionaire with his friend’s credit card. However, no one, including the government, can’t use this information without permission and by accepting the websites’ Privacy Policies, we agree to share.

The Privacy Policy is a very important document that explains to people the reason why and how exactly their private information is used and whether it is shared with third parties. In business, a Privacy Policy is an act of showing the customers and other people you cooperate with that you take their privacy seriously. It helps you to build trust with people because when customers share their private information, they want to know how you do it, how you use it, and whether you protect this data well.

Normally, having a proper Privacy Policy document is the right thing to do but also, the law require businesses to have one. For example, Europe Union regulations, and state laws in the US and Canada. As for EU regulations, its directive is spread not only in the EU but worldwide as well. It is not limited to Europe Union countries because the businesses that work online, collect personal data from EU users all the time. They also transfer it to or from the EU zone and that is why the EU Directive has a legal effect everywhere.

Of course, other countries that are not the part of EU have their own directives and laws but the EU Directive is pretty influential and sums up the requirements on a global level. The regulations we are talking about are called GDPR and it is a law that works to protect EU citizens and give them more control over their private information online. It has a unified legal framework for data protection in EU and EEA states.

The GDPR has proven that it works well as it was recently shown due to some high-profile cases. In order not to be fined for a large amount of money, businesses should follow the GDPR and regard privacy as a top priority.

Even though the rules are strict and companies must put the security of people's personal data in the first place, nevertheless, we need to know what to check and what information is collected by various tools such as Google Analytics.

Such services as Google Analytics or Google AdWords require you to have a Privacy Policy with certain personal information in order to improve your website or application. As for Google Analytics, it stores cookies on the users’ computer and then uses them to collect information about them, so that is why the service asks for a Privacy Policy.

In order to be safe and avoid any trials, the company spelled out in their legal agreement that a Privacy Policy of every company that uses their services has to be available. The platform collects data from the company’s website in order to create reports and provide information about the business. Google Analytics is actually a great remarketing tool that is used by various companies. Also, they use cookies to monitor users’ activity on the network and that is how they manage to show customized ads.

With AdWords, it is almost the same thing as they require you to update and show your Privacy Policy in order to inform users of your website that you are using their services to promote the product via Google AdWords. They show your ads online after they visited your website but also, they inform users that they can refuse to see your marketing campaign.

It is very important to have a Privacy Policy, not only as a commitment to comply with the law but also to improve customer relations and build trust with them. It boosts the reputation of your business as well and will help to protect your business from having problems with the law as well as create transparency for the people who use your website.

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