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RGNRK! - IT resources famine, sounds familiar?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

It is safe to say that the past two years were not easy for the entire world because

of the COVID-19 pandemic. It definitely affected the global economy, destroyed

many people’s lives, and left thousands unemployed. Finding a job has become

more difficult, but many companies also face a shortage of qualified personnel.

The IT sector is no exception, and today, despite the high demand for IT

professionals, across Europe there is an acute lack of IT resources. It turned out

that finding really skilled workers is a challenge now, especially in Germany, the

Netherlands, and the UK. According to several studies, the biggest businesses

suffer a lot because of shortages and it puts companies at huge risk. The thing is

that unfilled positions hinder the processes of digital transformation and the

profitable development of companies. As a result, many companies are desperately searching for qualified IT specialists.

For example, Germany. The situation is that the shortage is growing and growing,

and as of 2021, 96,000 IT vacancies remain unfilled. Over 850 companies were

surveyed in the 2021 KOFA (Kompetenzzentrum Fachkräftesicherung) report and

41% of them admitted they are looking for software developers or software

architects, 18% are looking for IT project managers or IT project coordinators. All

of them noted that the search is extremely difficult.

The same thing is going on in the Netherland, as the country also struggles to fill

IT jobs. There are many different IT vacancies and the shortage of IT specialists is

high. For every 100 job seekers, there are about 133 jobs. However, many Dutch

companies try to find a way out and they are more than fine with recruiting people from abroad. The Netherlands market is, indeed, a great place for people looking for a job in the IT sector. Many companies are really hungry for resources and they use various strategies to attract qualified IT workers. For instance, not only do they post endless job-seeking ads, but they also hold meetups with pizza and beer to introduce their companies to prospective candidates. They are even ready to offer unlimited vacations, so the employee can rest as much as he or she wants provided that the work is done. So, as we all can assume, the shortage in the Dutch IT sector makes many companies desperate.

Speaking of the UK, several studies reported that 76% of companies experience a

lack of digitally skilled people for their business. The lack of resources is relevant

not only for large tech companies but for health, retail, and other industries as well.Moreover, people don’t even apply for IT vacancies because they don’t think they have them or the positions are already occupied. The biggest problem is finding senior and lead software engineers and managers. Many UK companies have realized that high-caliber tech specialists want proof that employers value them as people but not as business currency.

It is sad to realize that the shortage affects many successful companies, but on the other hand, it opens many doors for qualified and talented IT specialists. It

becomes more real for them to find really great job offers and show the world that

they are high-class professionals.

Even though the world has changed, it gives everyone an opportunity to focus on positive things and finally see that the new reality is full of various scenarios for both – employees and companies. Basically, this is how our team sees the situation in the European job market right now. We aspire to help our clients cope with the fast-changing world as effectively as possible and our mission is to reach the milestone they are targeting. It goes without saying that if you want your company to be successful, you need a strong core team. This is where we come into play! For more than 5 years, our company has been helping clients around the world find the best IT professionals. We know that it is not easy these days to find really great personnel but we have trumps up our sleeves.

We know how to find the best people for your project and we always keep on looking for opportunities to make our own team more skilled and experienced. We always go for education and new achievements for our staff, and we can proudly assure you that we are skilled in creating the best work teams. In addition, long-term relationships with our customers and IT professionals are something we are always happy to invest in. We make positive change happen and we’ll do more than ök!

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