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RGNRK!: Plans for the nearest future

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

While many people say that it is really difficult to predict and make plans these

days, our company Ragnarök Group knows how to navigate in a dynamic and

changing reality. Basically, it is in our name. We transform businesses to a new

level and forge positive changes because we know how to analyze different future

scenarios to help our clients cope with the rapidly evolving world. COVID, economic crises, war, and other obstacles that doomed many international

businesses also affected the life of our company, but not critically. We have built

our organization with a philosophy that we must be ready for change literally every day, and if it happens, we know how to adapt and transform it into a new reality.

Our company has everything to step up to the new markets. We are confident that the results will satisfy our clients because we have a unique and individual

approach. Our team consists only of well-skilled IT professionals and we have a

solid HR. We are creative and attentive enough to meet all our customer's

expectations. Our customer reviews speak for us as we build a strong relationship

with full transparency in our work. We make our clients think outside the box,

which encourages them to come up with their own ideas during the process. We

also keep on communicating and building partnerships based on transparency.

From augmenting our clients’ staff and branding to developing a cloud-based

solution from scratch, we always make sure to get the best possible results and

meet all expectations. If you want to see our clients’ reviews, you can follow this

As you may see, we work with companies from all around the world but at the

moment, we are mostly focused on clients from Europe. We are strengthening our position in the EU by supporting our presence in the Czech Republic, Georgia,

Moldova, and many other countries. But now, we think it is time to finally expand

and work more with new markets because… Why not? We have everything to step

up to the next level!

So, our immediate plans are to work with new markets such as the US and Brazil.

In the US, the post-COVID demand for IT professionals has grown exponentially,

creating a hyper-competitive market for technical talent. Right now, Most IT

professionals now work remotely or on their own. The situation for tech companies is that up to 90% of their HRs struggle to find workers for different roles, including Data Science, Security, CIO, Cloud, AI, etc. It mostly happens because many tech professionals are not ready to agree to the salary that is offered or they don’t feel to be treated the way they deserve.

According to many researchers, a big number of recruiters in the US complain that almost every field needs tech talents and it is very difficult to find them. From

transport to marketing, manufacturing to trade, recruiters are trying to find people for the needed positions but it is not easy because there should be a mix of human strengths and technical skills. However, New York, Boston, and San Francisco are considered top tech talent hubs that added 136,000 tech jobs as they follow a trend of remote hiring. But the thing is that 87% of companies are in the midst of a labor shortage crisis and it didn’t really help them improve the situation. Moreover, the US is in the worst position right now as the country’s tech market rates 13.2% of the staff turnover. Obviously, this situation affects market development. In order to survive, many companies are trying to cut corners by reassigning tasks to the workers that currently work for them. Of course, it leads to poor results and burnout.

It is safe to say that the tech field is recovering after the pandemic and stays

resilient no matter how volatile the economic cycles are. The tendency is that the

US keeps on producing innovations that are in high demand for the customers.

That is why they increased remote hiring but still, there’s a problem with a talent

shortage. For us, it is a perfect opportunity to move to the US market because if

there is a problem, then obviously there is a solution. With our highly skilled team,

we can not only offer US companies a well-trained workforce but also show them

that they will not need to invest their time in training staff and distributing their

efforts elsewhere.

Speaking of Brazil, we consider this market interesting because the country is

undergoing a digital transformation right now. It means that there will be more and more opportunities. Like any other country in the world, Brazil has been hit hard by the pandemic, but on the other hand, it helped to restore the tech field and focus on digitalization. Many people began using digital banks as the vouchers that were given by the government could be used only in certain ways. It made several fintech companies and neobanks grow rapidly and now, the tendency remains the same. Also, in the last three years, it has been recorded that the IT sector is performing absolutely positively in Brazil because the digital transformation was accelerated by most of the country’s companies. According to several studies, the Brazilian IT market is at the highest level that it was for the last decade which gives many chances for even bigger growth. Due to the digital transformation, many insurance companies have shown huge success despite the fact that the insurance market in Brazil is unfriendly and complicated.

However, a few companies have already disrupted the market by using a new

approach and that is why we can predict further positive development and

economic growth. With such a massive and rapid digitalization, it is inevitable that

the tech talent shortage in Brazil is intense. Just like in the US, many businesses in

Brazil struggle to find professional IT specialists to fill the needed positions. Some

researchers predict that by the end of 2022, there would be 400,000 IT tech jobs

unfulfilled, and today, 81% of tech organizations find it difficult to fill the most

needed IT roles. There has to be a huge work done to meet all the requirements that IT talents have now and that is why Brazil will also start searching for IT

professionals abroad more intensely.

Over the next several years, such IT sectors as software development and

information security will experience immense growth and many companies will

start looking for employees outside the country more intensely. Especially,

companies from the US and Brazil. The thing is that developers will continue to be

in high demand and one of the most effective solutions would be bringing in

remote IT talents to fill these positions. Right now, we see that the tendency of

integrating remote workers will grow and that is why we are going in this

direction. We see a great opportunity to move to the new markets because no

matter what’s going on in the world right now, Ragnarök keeps on growing and


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